Monthly Archives: January 2016

رئيس الأطباء: الممرض ركن أساسي في المنظومة الصحية وهناك نقص في عدد الممرضين

  Bahraini newspaper days, conducted a lengthy investigation of the nursing profession in Bahrain, which included the opinion of the President of the Bahrain Medical Society, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah senior who said that the nursing profession is a human profession sacred, and the nurse a cornerstone of the health system, which provides the best nursing… Read More »

“الأطباء البحرينية”: لا علم لنا بنية بعض الاستشاريين تنفيذ اضرابات ونرفض ذلك قطعيا

Bahrain Medical Society , said that he did not sleep to the knowledge of Assembly as well as we have doubts strong credibility of the news that talked about the media of the intention of some of the doctors of the consultants at Salmaniya Hospital progress petition in protest or implementation of a strike to… Read More »