The Journal of Bahrain Medical Society (JBMS) is honored to announce the incoming Editorial Board for 2020 – 2021, effective 1st October 2020. With some familiar names and some new, the editorial board members are eager to help shape the upcoming issues of JBMS

President of JBMS

  • Dr. Ghada Al Qassim

Editorial Office

  • Dr. Rana Al Ghatam (Editor-in-Chief of JBMS)

Editorial Board Members

  • Dr. Adel Al Sayyad
  • Dr. Ahmed Alansari
  • Dr. Catherine Mary Abou-zaid
  • Dr. Colin Greengrass
  • Dr. Dalal Alromaihi
  • Prof. David Misselbrook
  • Dr. Edwina Brennan
  • Dr. Hisham Hassan
  • MS. Luma E. Bashmi
  • Dr. Martin Maresch
  • Dr. Mohammed Mandeel
  • Prof. Neale Nicola Kalis
  • Prof. Wayne Cunningham